4 Most Popular Fluffy Cat Breeds – Where does Your Cat Belong to?

Have you ever wondered where your fluffy cat came from or how she got the distinctive color patter? Is she from one of the popular cat breeds out there? Do you know anything special about her characteristics? The good news is that the advancement of World Wide Web allows you to learn more about your cat’s bread and other related stuff. Let’s take this article as a small piece of information about popular fluffy cat breeds.

There is a large number of fluffy cat breeds out there. For most pet owners, however, the best cat breed is always the one that can easily adjust in their family and adapt to their particular lifestyle and personality. The main reason why these fluffy cat breeds are popular is their characteristics as they prove to be very friendly and adjustable to a new environment.

  1. Ragdoll – Having a ragdoll cat has been a satisfying experience for most cat owners. They are cute, fluffy and friendly, and like to cuddle up to their pals especially kids. Nature wise, this fluffy cat is calm, sweet, and relaxed. She surprisingly has a breezy and laid-back attitude which significantly distinguishes her from other cat breeds. Owning a ragdoll cat usually means preparing yourself for taking time to give her attention and time. She does not like to seen as a property, instead she becomes an important part of your family.


  1. Maine Coon – This fluffy cat breed tends to have large body with an average weight of 12 to 15 pounds. These cats have silky and dense coats though they do not make grooming process difficult. Maine Coon is very friendly and good with young children. Do not worry if you have other pets at home as this cat breed does not take time to become a friend of other animals too. She likes to play with water particularly splashing the water is her favorite sports. Also, this fluffy cat is well aware of the activities that help her enjoy the environment outdoors.


  1. Persian – Many people believe that Persian cats have prototypically white furry coats though it is not 100 percent correct. This fluffy cat breed has many colors, such as brown. They tend to have shorter nose and face which make them more prone to sneeze than other cat breeds. Persian cats are known for being the most pampered cats because they are really calm and friendly-natured. If you love to have a pet that prefers to stay in your living room, playing and pouncing, a sweet fluffy Persian kitten is the best choice.


  1. Munchkin – These cats can be classified through short or long-haired coats. Munchkin is primarily known for having short legs though this fluffy cat is very active and friendly as other similar cat breeds. Kittens in this breeds love to borrow small and shiny objects from different places and hide them away after playing. If you want a sociable pal, munchkin makes the best choice. The best part of these kittens is that they can play and jump like other long-legged pets when left a little lower to the floor.

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